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May, 2022

I first met Susan Simianer for neurofeedback about 5 months after suffering a severe concussion and a traumatic brain injury.  My symptoms were debilitating at the time and included a concussion “fog” on my brain, a very severe loss of cognitive function, inability to work, dramatic loss of short term memory and some long term memory effects.  It seemed my IQ had gone from 135 to about 80.  I had terrible mood swings, was irritable, and suffered from incredible physical and mental fatigue all the time.  Susan was very welcoming, explained how neurofeedback worked (which I had never done), and the sessions were super easy, even meditative.

In conjunction with daily hyperbaric oxygen treatments, I began to see improvement after a couple sessions.  The real progress occurred after the 5th session which is when you begin 44 minute treatments instead of 33 minutes.  My brain fog then significantly retreated and after that I began to be able to work and think more normally as treatments progressed to 20 times.  I’ve had some setbacks as I pushed too hard to do more than my brain could handle but I now feel like I am on the road to getting myself back to how I was before the concussion.  I am eternally grateful to Susan for helping me get my life back.  I would highly recommend Susan for TBI/concussion recovery and neurofeedback any day.

Steve B.

Delta, Colorado


2020 was a horrible year for me. I lost two family members in which were the most important people to me besides my children. When I think about how devastating those losses were, I am amazed at how well I am doing. I have been able to function as I normally would all without fear. Neurofeedback has helped me and my brain be more resilient. Grief is a struggle every day, but I feel that I am handling it without it being paralyzing. 



I have an extensive trauma history. Before neurofeedback, I struggled with attention and finishing tasks. I also had a poor mind/body connection and was very accident prone from minor to major injuries. After 10 sessions, I noticed that I have been able to sustain my attention longer and finish tasks. I have a very important and stressful job, this has been life changing for me. The other day, I left my umbrella by the back door. I was able to see it and actually step over it without tripping on it. That is huge for me. I did notice that I do have to train in the morning because it gives me more focus throughout the day. Most importantly, these changes are lasting. I am going to train more and can’t wait to see what else changes. 



I have had child and adult trauma. What I noticed after my sessions is that I felt more calm and relaxed. I was able to deal with daily stressors more effectively and my night terrors have stopped completely. I am not ruminating as often, and feel more focused, and less reactive. One day, I noticed I didn’t take my anxiety medication and felt I didn’t need it. I am looking forward to getting more sessions in.



I have been in counseling for many years to help with trauma and PTSD recovery, including EMDR, and many other various modalities to decrease reactivity, manage triggers and seek balance in my brain related to trauma. Neurofeedback has done for me in a few sessions, more than years of therapy. This is a life saving modality that I hope everyone can take advantage of. I had such profound results that I have taken y children in for neurofeedback as well. My trainer was so patient and flexible with my children. After a few sessions, I noticed stabilization, relaxation, peace, less fighting, improved focus in school. I am so thankful that his advanced technology exists here. I highly recommend neurofeedback!  N.B. 

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